Tha Misery We Love - Tracy HealingMoon
Tracy HealingMoon
Her roots run deep, not in soil but in soul. Tracy HealingMoon is her name and healing is her mission. Her voice is like honey, only smoother and sweeter. She is a business woman, songwriter, producer and performer! Tracy grew up in Atlanta and music has always been her fascination and her escape. She knew from quite an early age, the exact effects music had on her emotions and others. She attended North Atlanta School of Performing Arts, where she traveled throughout France, Germany, Belgium, The Caribbean, and The Continental United States as a key member of The International Touring Company. She also studied voice and piano under Billy Densmore and Victor Floyd for 4 years. This is where her obsession with harmony began! 
While getting her B.S. in Elementary Education with a minor in Music Theater, Tracy was a member of The Collegiate Chorale and The Jazz Band at The University Of Tampa. She also studied music engineering and production. Tracy starred in University produced musicals such as ‘The Personals’, ‘Into The Woods’ and ‘Little Shop of Horror’. 
After graduating and returning to Atlanta, she dove right back into music. She submitted her original material and was chosen as a finalist to compete in UniverseTalent, a world-wide singing/songwriting competition held in Prague, Czech Republic. After winning 1st place in every major category, including best song and best singer, HealingMoon took a chance and went directly to London to place her mark on the British music scene. There, she formed a production team with one of London’s top producer’s, Tony Briscoe. They wrote, recorded and placed several songs throughout England. She also formed a band, worked with Ivan Chandler of Musicalities, signed up with a national booking agency and performed at numerous resorts, studios, weddings and clubs throughout England. With an adventurous spirit, she then moved her act to Amsterdam to make a name for herself. People gathered to hear her not only on the streets and subways of Amsterdam but restaurants, hotels, clubs, and festivals as well. 
Once back on U.S. soil, Tracy was invited by Paneice Williams, a SESAC rep, to be a part of their organization after viewing one of her performances. From May 2009- Feb 2012, Tracy HealingMoon traveled and performed throughout Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Egypt), performing solo and leads with The Celebration Club Band. She was also fortunate enough to learn different languages, record and perform with the locals and their native instruments. Tracy co-produced, wrote, arranged, performed and released her debut album, Tracy’s Tiers and even had a release party in Ethiopia! In 2016, she toured overseas with ‘The Divas of Motown’, performing classics for to fans from all over the world.
Now back on the Atlanta scene, Tracy has created quite a buzz through her being, her vocal timbre, songwriting and amazing live performances. She tends to tackle issues a lot of artist shy away from. (i.e. woman empowerment, addiction, self-love) She has been a vocal coach (IHMT, The Highlander & Soundlab Studios) for several years and has worked with children as young as 2 years old, up to adults of all ages. HealingMoon is a versatile singer/songwriter, crossing country, rock, jazz, folk and pop with her natural soul. She continues to perform throughout Atlanta and The U.S. and was awarded runner-up in Open Mic Atlanta, where she competed completely A Capella against over 120 bands. “Her winning charisma…..sultry tone and ability to turn her audience into singers, during her live shows is what won over the listeners”, according to Performer magazine. Be sure to watch out for her article in Indie Artist Magazine, April 2018 issue. She is now working on her second studio album/EP, creating a treatment for her new music video and learning the bass guitar. Tracy has had the pleasure to open up for and/or work with professionals such as R. Kelly, Nappy Roots, Collective Soul, Ken Ford, Algebra, Helen and Estelle. Tracy HealingMoon has fine-tuned her craft beautifully and holds a voice and presence that will lift you up, not only spiritually, but up out of your seat. No need to try and classify, she is one in 7 billion and one with the music.